How are you doing?

Letters from home front

from your couch

How are you doing?

Asking you How you are doing, at this time, sounds necessary to me.


Are you willing to say or write how you are doing?

For U: if you’re willing to say, or write, how you are doing today, at this time, anything, and get an answer, a written answer, from me;

For your FAMILY MEMBER, COLLEGUE, FRIEND, CHILD: if you want to receive my support in listening to their being,

then, write me a letter.

Below, I will tell you how to do.


What will I do with what you send me?

I will answer to you, with a written answer.

My letter will be a professional feedback, containing one or more of the following items:

  • my active listening: it is what I will do reading what you send me, and you will feel it;
  • some questions for you: my support for a greater awareness of what you are experiencing and living through; nice or not so nice, it’ll be fine because it will be true;
  • the description of a character strength that I recognize in you from your contents, a useful resource for the moment you are living through.


How to participate


  1. Write free, you don’t have to prove anything; you please let off steam if you need, or make me laugh; just tell me HOW YOU ARE DOING; the more you write free the more I will be able to recognize your strength even in your difficulties;
  2. If you will ask How are you doing? to a family member who doesn’t want to or cannot write (elder, children), who rather prefers saying it out loud, then register a voice message and send it to me through your smartphone (get whataspp or telegram);
  3. You can send me a real paper letter; if you don’t have an envelope watch how to build it up on your own with a sheet of paper;
  4. send the materials to me. Below you find all my contact details.



  1. if you’ve chosen to send me an e-mail, remember to write me you name and surname;
  2. if you’ve chosen to send me contents from a family member, friend or collegue, remember to write me their name too;
  3. if you’ve chosen to send me a voice message, remember to write me you name and surname;
  4. if you’ve chosen to send me a real paper letter, remember to observe your Country law about people movement (for example, go to the post office while you’re going for food shopping).

How much does it cost?

For you: nothing!




address: Laura Leone, Via del Capannone 45, 56122 Pisa, Italy

mobile phone: +39 334 83 03 605


Doct. Laura Leone is a Humanistic Coach supporting teenagers, adults and teams thorugh researching and training of human and character strengths and values, on specific areas of realization and performance. Her main activites are individual training paths as well as thematic groups labs, where learning occurs by means of training (learning coaching). Find her on LINKEDIN.

She studied Statistical Science at La Sapienza University of Rome (Master Degree, 2004) and Psychology at the University of Torino (Bachelor) and of Firenze (Master Degree on Psychology of Life Cicles and Contexts, ongoing). She is a member of the Executive Board of the Italian Professional Coaching Association (Associazione Italiana Coach professionisti, AICP) for the Development function.