Working with the body is a shortcut

//Working with the body is a shortcut

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Wendy Palmer.

On June 5th I had the pleasure to see Wendy Palmer in her short but powerful talk about Leadership Embodiment. What she offers is practices and tools to increase the Body Intelligence.

Starting from the body is a shortcut to get to the mind, to get to change bad habits and behaviours. Changing our mind with our mind can take really extremely long time. How many times we told ourselves “it is not a big deal!”, meanwhile, for our body, it was actually such a big deal? This is true on a mental level as wel as a fisical level: cortisol is secrete throughout our body.

Many ways are there to drift the balance in the body; sport is certainly a good one. Relaxing tecniques are others. But: remember that relaxing means getting full of energy and open our potentials; relaxing is not collapsing!

The center, mentally and fisically

What I liked most in Wendy’s talk has been the concept of Leadership Precence, well known in the literature about Leadership. The Leadership Presence is referred to as the quality of feelings people feel when the leader is there that makes his presence a desired and supported presence.

This is done by shifting from acting on a Personality basis (what makes me feel secure) to an acting on a Center basis (what makes me bonding to the others). Acting on a Center level means working on Inclusiveness (we are in this together), Centered Listening (that level of empathy which allows to us to share the feelings without being infected by them) and Speaking Up (taking a stand with clarity and precision).



Other interesting topics were discussed and I thank WBECS and Wendy Palmer for the opportunity to join.#wbecs2017