What makes an organization strong

//What makes an organization strong

Hints from the WBECS 2017 pre-summit meetings: Micheal Stanier.

I enjoyed the first meeting of the World Business Executive Coaching Summit on May 31st about Building a Coaching Culture in an Organization, for the good contents and the way they have been discussed.
Michael B. Stanier has given his way to define Culture and, starting from them, how to detect a Culture that is not functioning, that is weak.

Culture is a threefold matter, from the most visible (what he calls artefacts) to the most hidden one, the assumpions.

What I liked the most?

The concept of COHERENCE that has implicitly come out:a strong Culture, a strong organization, occurs when the the three aspects are coherent.

As  to say: the point is not to necessarily be creative, innovative, or whatever is popular or well seen; the point is to show, think and do what you actually are. One has to start from there.

If in your organization people talk, are dressed and walk as creative, but then in behaviors and decisions they are not at all so, then the Culture is weak and, even worse, feels fake. This is much worse then acting and talking as a conservative organization.

Coherence and self-awareness is important, in the private life as well as in organizations.
Other interesting topics were discussed and I thank WBECS for the opportunity to join! #wbecs2017